Criminal Investigation

Price: $209.00

This course teaches students the fundamentals of criminal investigation by examining the processes involved in identifying and arresting criminal suspects, identifying the types of crimes and offenses, and preparing for court. Students will be introduced to the various techniques for interviewing witnesses, suspects and other stakeholders as well as the components of successful investigations. The course reviews a number of investigative practices in tracking down and apprehending suspects in preparation for criminal cases. Further, the Criminal Investigation course offers an intricate understanding of the science and art of criminal investigation, the gathering and analysis of evidence and the overall management of major cases. Students will have the opportunity to survey different career and research options in investigative fields.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Define terms related to criminal investigation
  • Outline the history of criminal investigation
  • Analyze the process of criminal investigation
  • Examine types of criminal offenses
  • Explain the relationship between criminal investigation and the courtroom process