Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking and the ability to employ and apply sound, logical reasoning to a problem is essential to success on any project in any field. This Critical Thinking courses focuses primarily on arguments, their nature, their use and importance. This course offers students an understanding of critical thinking processes and those methodical processes necessary for effective reasoning and improved cognitive skills. The course is aimed at developing intellectual dispositions that are essential to the effective evaluation of truth claims. From there, the course show students how to arrive at reasonable conclusions and make decisions based on what is true, or what is believed to be true.

This introductory level course presents a variety of topics essential to a student’s development in critical thinking. Students are introduced to concepts essential to the comprehension, analysis, and creation of arguments: induction, deduction, informal fallacies, Aristotelian and symbolic logic, modes of persuasion, perspective and bias, and language and meaning, culminating in the development of reasonable strategies for belief formation.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Analyze the processes of logical reasoning to interpret arguments
  • Evaluate the quality of reasoning behind arguments, interpretations, and/or beliefs
  • Create well-reasoned arguments
  • Evaluate mode(s) of inquiry used to gather and generate information
  • Interpret evidence/findings, especially alternative positions different from one’s own
  • Formulate significant questions for exploration
  • Recognize one’s own biases by viewing an issue through multiple perspectives
  • Assess the reasonableness of arguments, positions, and beliefs
  • Employ focus, organization, discipline, and empathy in approaching complex problems
  • Evaluate one’s own position or conclusions through reflective thinking