Microsoft® Office 2013

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The Microsoft Office suite of applications is one of the most widely used pieces of software in the world. Whether used for professional, academic or home purposes, every entity utilizes some part of the Microsoft Office suite, whether for Apple or PC. The Microsoft Office course introduces students to the standard business applications that most professional and academic entities use. These applications include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Each one of these applications has a specific use and function as part of any office, and a general understanding of how to work within these programs is essential to any user. All of these programs will make individuals more productive and allow them to produce the most effective and professional documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to meet the expectations of the professional world.

Students will master computer basics including Windows, word processing, spreadsheets, data processing, graphics, internet, and e-mail applications. Students will also learn how to transfer data from one application to another and how to use this capability for typical work functions. Having a basic mastery of the entire MS Office suite ensures that you know how to navigate through the major programs and also interact between them to increase overall productivity even more.

The MS Office course will address the following primary course objectives:
  • Use an integrated software package, specifically the applications included in the Microsoft Office suite
  • Demonstrate marketable skills for enhanced employment opportunities
  • Describe proper computer techniques for designing and producing various types of documents
  • Demonstrate the common commands and techniques used in working with the Windows desktop
  • List the meaning of basic PC acronyms like MHz, MB, KB, HD and RAM
  • Use WordPad and MSWord to create various types of documents
  • Create headings and titles with Word Art
  • Create and format spreadsheets, including the use of mathematical formulas
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of computer database functions, including putting, processing, querying and outputting data
  • Define computer terminology in definition matching quizzes
  • Use the Windows Paint program to alter graphics
  • Use a presentation application to create a presentation containing both text and graphics
  • Copy data from one MS Office application to another application in the suite
  • Use e-mail and the Internet to send Word and Excel file attachments
  • Demonstrate how to use the Windows Taskbar and Windows Tooltips
  • Explain how copyright laws pertain to data and graphics posted on the Internet
  • Take the college computer competency test after course completion
  • Follow oral and written directions and complete assignments when working under time limitations