MyFoundationsLab® Healthcare

Price: $119.00

The MyFoundationsLab for Healthcare Professions course enables students of all ages and educational entry points to identify and fill academic gaps, learn at their own paces, and master the requisite skills to successfully pursue occupational training and establish themselves in high-demand, health care professions. As with all the MyFoundationsLab courses, students can easily remove any content area or module to tailor the program students’ goals and objectives. Content areas extend from reading skills and reading level to writing content, grammar skills, writing practice, mathematics and study skills.

The Workforce Readiness: MyFoundationsLab for Healthcare Professions course includes the following modules that can be added or removed to tailor this innovative learning experience to individual students:

  • Career Readiness Content
  • Reading Skills Content
  • Reading Level
  • Writing Content
  • Writing Practice
  • Mathematics Content
  • Study Skills