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The Criminology course explores the different causes of criminal behavior as it is used to study and solve certain crimes. Students will be introduced to the study of crime and criminal behavior as well as to theories of crime causation. It reviews different types of crime and examines crime control policy, taking account different ethical issues, policy implications and research. Students will have the chance to review various theories of crime, delinquency, and behavior in terms of both theory and methodology. Marking the distinction between correlation and causation, students will be able to identify the historical foundations of criminology theories, define the macro and micro viewpoints of crime, delinquency and behavior and examine the different theoretical schools behind all of these points.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Define terms related to the study of crime
  • Analyze the concept of criminology
  • Examine research and data collection methods used in criminology
  • Examine theories and principles of criminology
  • Describe the basic concepts of biological theories of criminal behavior
  • Distinguish between various types of crimes
  • Evaluate methods used to effectively deal with crimes
  • Analyze the relationship between drugs and crime
  • Assess laws and social policies that have been established to address crime in the United States
  • Examine the future of crime